Hospital ManagementPublic Relations / Hospital Management

  Start : November 19-2021
  End : November 23-2021
  Trainer : Eng.Saad Hamad
  Course Fee : 900.00$
  No. Of Places : 5 Of 12
  Location : Apt #7 ,Floor 11, Tower 4, Empire Business Towers, Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq.

Hospital Management
Believing in the importance of administrative sciences and adopting an approach to administrative development in the public and private sectors, the Lebanese Center for Training and Development organized a specialized program in hospital management. Our health institutions. The program includes ten training sessions and a graduation project.

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This program is designed for the managers of public and private hospitals, doctors who hold administrative positions in hospitals (directors of departments - heads of departments), and holders of administrative functions in hospitals other than doctors, office managers and workers in administrative affairs, public relations management, reception and customer service and all interested.



Understanding roles and responsibilities to be followed for medication reminders, medication assistance and medication administration

Being familiar with skills and knowledge needed for medication administration

Appropriate training for the caregiver to ensure safe medication administration

Discussing current health care delivery system as it relates to the economics, accessibility and overall health of the population




  • Foundations of modern management.
  • Organization of health institutions.
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Management .
  • financial management .
  • Hospital Sections.
  • medical records .
  • Nursing Services.
  • Administrative communication in the hospital.
  • Quality in hospitals.
  • Systems and information.

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