Political Research and AnalysisPublic Relations / Political Research and Analysis

  Start : May 19-2021
  End : May 23-2021
  Trainer : Eng.Saad Hamad
  Course Fee : 900.00$
  No. Of Places : 6 Of 12
  Location : Apt #7 ,Floor 11, Tower 4, Empire Business Towers, Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq.

Political Research and Analysis
Political analysis skills are one of the most important skills needed by writers, researchers, politicians, and the media.

who should attend?


Individuals interested in the problems of international politics, particularly those who regularly watch the news, read newspapers or follow on-line media.

Commentators, bloggers and journalists covering international politics.

Students of Politics and International Relations who want to consolidate their knowledge and improve their grades.

Policy practitioners who want to improve their analytical skills and better understand the context of their policy activities.



Enable the recipient to possess the tools of thinking and analysis in the field of international relations and political science, which in turn enable him to explain and explain the phenomenon of politics in accordance with a correct scientific method.

Assist the participant in a correct understanding of political events and their implications.

Provide a better understanding of how political forces are formed and their relative weights.

Help the participant to better understand the strengths, opportunities, risks and potential challenges when dealing with political events.

Developing political writing skills and methods of analysis among participants.



Political Knowledge and Philosophy.

Fundamentals and trends of political analysis.

Applications and tools in geostrategic and geopolitical.

Analysis in Political Science and International Relations.

Analysis in Discourse and Political Communication.

Origins and Methods of Research in Political Science.

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