Presentation and Public Speaking SkillsPublic Relations / Presentation and Public Speaking Skills

  Start : April 25-2021
  End : April 29-2021
  Trainer : Eng.Saad Hamad
  Course Fee : 850.00$
  No. Of Places : 7 Of 12
  Location : Apt #7 ,Floor 11, Tower 4, Empire Business Towers, Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq.

Presentation and Public Speaking Skills
Presenting involves speaking to a specific objective, coordinating that speech with a series of images or slides that are designed to reinforce that objective, and measuring the outcome. Public speaking is a more generalized set of spoken communication skills.

who should attend?


• Managers and supervisors who want to develop speech skills and effective communication and speaking skills.

• Lecturers or trainers who wish to develop their skills in this field.

• All those interested and willing to develop communication skills and the arts of speech and speech.



  • Speak publicly in a convincing, confident, and concise style
  • Deliver dynamic and effective presentations
  • Employ a method to create materials that support a compelling speech
  • Build audience rapport through eye contact, vocal delivery, and body language
  • Sharpen your public speaking skills by integrating feedback



• Build self-confidence

• Effective and influential speaker

• Golden rules for speaking and speaking

• How to start and how to finish

• Platform skills

• body language

• Spontaneous environment

• Bad habits during dumping

• Dealing with questions

• Attendance patterns

• Case Study

• practical application

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