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Department of Architecture art
Studying architecture is a necessary and enjoyable study, especially when architects see their drawings turn into real masterpieces. Architecture is a study of the aesthetic arrangement of space, design of construction projects, dealing with the structuring, design and arrangement of construction, and aims to provide a specific and suitable composition for each type of construction, on the other hand architecture is based on the practical application of the concepts and principles acquired. This program will give you the opportunity to develop your academic base and skills in this field, where it aims to expand your knowledge of architecture through practice-based study and progressive learning methodology.

who should attend?

This program is aimed at:
-Architects, architecture workers who are willing to develop and hone their skills and expertise in this field
- Who has an interest and passion for architecture, building design and construction and is willing to support him in this field
- Who has technical skills and has a tendency to solve problems this program will be suitable for them


The program aims to:
-Preparing students as specialists in painting and architectural design
-Developing the necessary skills to practice architectural, construction, project management and supervision
-Preparing students to produce their drawings, creating building models, identifying building materials, and color combinations for their projects


Program content:

1- Introduction to the theory and history of architectural design

2. Basic principles of architectural design

3- Basic skills in drawing and presentation

4- Environmental design

5- Principles of building structure design

6- Strategic skills for project planning and implementation

7- Design analysis, design presentation, documentation and visualization

8- Materials and equipment used in construction, and the basics of concrete structures

9- Electrical and mechanical systems associated with buildings

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